Why Do You March?

"I am upset with the tone in our country.  I believe we should be headed toward more respect for religious differences, women’s empowerment, freedom of choice in all areas of life, broader economic opportunity, and more efforts to protect the environment for future generations.  It seems like our country is moving backward in these areas.  When I wear my March On Laces, I feel like I am part of the change, and part of encouraging others to stand up for our beliefs and push for a better future." -- Kelsey, IL

"When I wear my March On shoelaces, people ask me what my laces are all about.  I get an opportunity to tell them that I stand against injustice – social, economic, and environmental.  And that they, too, can speak up about these issues."  -- Karen, CA


"Each time I lace up my shoes for a run, I feel strong and empowered because wearing these laces reminds me that a lot of other people are also trying to get our country back on track.  It makes me want to find ways to take action, not just be mad and frustrated about the state of things." -- Anne Z, CA